Jagran Lakecity University celebrated the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi

The ideology of Mahatma Gandhi was brought to light at Jagran Lakecity University where all the staff and faculty members gathered to celebrate his 150th birth anniversary. A live telecast of Honorable Chief Minister, Mr. Kamal Nath’s message was broadcast at the University Auditorium. Prof (Dr.) Anoop Swarup, Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Vivek Khare, Registrar, Prof. Dr. Yogendra Kumar Srivastava, Dean Student Welfare and Director, School of Law along with faculty and staff members took a pledge to come forward and contribute to Swachh Bharat Mission and propagate Gandhiji’s principles.

‘Gandhian ideals and ideas are in sync with ground realities and are neither utopian nor impractical to execute. They deserve a trail on the economic front too considering his revolutionary and scientific approach. Let us imagine and envision the future of the country on Gandhian lines to realize the India of Gandhi’s dreams’, said Prof Dr. Anoop Swaroop, Vice-Chancellor, JLU whose books on Mahatma Gandhi have been published to national acclaim. Mahatma Gandhi, a prolific writer had inspired millions of people during his lifetime and continues to inspire people around the globe. The fundamental postulates of Mahatma Gandhi provide new insights to a wide range of readers, scholars, social activists, policymakers as he always spoke and understood the language of the masses.