Igniting mind lecture titled ‘Changing Lives through Research and Innovation’ organized by JLU - School of Engineering and Technology

JLU School of Engineering and Technology organized an Igniting mind lecture titled ‘Changing Lives through Research and Innovation’. The Lecture was delivered by Mr. Jawwad Patel, innovator and research scientist. The enthralling session was graced with the presence of Honorable Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Anoop Swarup, Registrar Prof. Dr. Vivek Khare, Faculties, and students.

'We should always strive to work for the people of our nation, India and for its progress in the field of Science and Technology. We should innovate and invent according to the problems and situations that the rural and urban people face in their daily lives. People should identify ways to make lives of our countrymen better through their social innovations and inventions' shared Mr. Patel, who is

 the recipient of National Award Excellence in Research and Innovation from Government of India – The Highest Civilian Award for Youth in India and The Diana Award for Social Innovations from Government of the United Kingdom. He further added that observation plays a very important role in our life. He said, 'Each of us should be an absolute observer as we have the whole world in need to be corrected. People should think beyond the normal'. Mr. Patel also told about some of his inventions so far, i.e. Dewdrop, Epidermus, Agritech, Solar car, IoT, Non-Invasive Glucose-meter, etc. are all serving the purpose of creating a positive social impact in both the urban and rural society and changing lives.