Motivational Speaker and Author Sfurti Sahare launched her new book ‘The Monkey Theory’ at Jagran Lakecity University

The official book launch of the “The Monkey Theory” by Sfurti Sahare was organized at Jagran Lakecity University by JLU Literary Club on 31st July, 2019. She interacted with the students and motivated them on how to keep their mind stable by engaging them in hands on case studies and scenarios in real life context. The students had a great time while interacting with the motivational speaker who urged them to think out of the box. She shared her experience and failures as she thinks the young minds are the entangled procrastinator and if guided well, can overcome these complexities.
Sfurti Sahare has been two times TEDx Speaker. Her first book ‘Think and win like Dhoni’ is the Readers Digest’s Promotional Title of the year 2017-2018. The Book also won the Amazon Poll for being the most popular Self-help book 2016. “The Monkey theory” weaves a broken string of everyday objects through life’s much greater complexities. The concept of this book evolved from the fact, that a restless Mind is referred as the Monkey mind, a mind which keeps swinging from one
place to another just like monkeys. The tranquil mantra to overcome such intricacies pervades throughout the pages of this inspiring book which is a master read for the young generation
Speaking on the event the author advised some simple tips to achieve targets in one’s life. ‘Follow the strategy of divide and rule i.e. divide your problems and deal with each of them separately. Conquer over your negative thoughts and stick to the decisions you make’, the speaker shared the interactive session helped students to have insights on the practical application of theoretical knowledge.