11 Most Instagrammable Places in JLU

Enjoying a sip of coffee during monsoons in our campus can make you think who needs a vacation when you have a college that looks like a dream! Nested in the heart of Madhya Pradesh, Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal is the most scenic university with the best state of art campus in the Central India.
One of the most important facets for university life is the campus itself. It helps in elucidating student’s quality of life. The edifice of the Jagran Lakecity University is so overwhelming and fascinating that it will awe struck you as soon as you enter through the gates of the campus. JLU comprises of unique infrastructure and excellent landscape making the campus even more alluring.

Looking for pictures to make your instagram feed quirkier, then this wall might be the best place for you to be clicking pictures and Bottling up all the crazy. This wall will make your feed look as colorful as life of the students at our very own JLU.
Location: Shri Gurudev Media Studios
Campus: SEH , Chandanpura


Want to live an epic life? Of course you do! Just remember to Rewind, Stop and Play moments of your life. To live a life with no regrets one should rewind the moments of merriness with high spirits, stop the moments of pessimism and hatred and play the best moments of your life.” This wall at our campus tells you just this, so play your curiosities and click a flick! Why hesitate? This picture on your instagram page will be a big hit for sure.
Location: Shri Gurudev Media Studios
Campus: SEH ,Chandanpura

If you're up super early like I am, you probably look forward to a cup of coffee or two (or five?), to help make you feel like a human being. We all are a big fan of pastries and lots of chocolate and we all are guilty of the habit of clicking pictures and posting it on instagram. Cakewalk Cafe in our Appetite Area is the perfect place for this with some scrumptious bakeries and drinks and sure a lot of instagrammable clicks to give a vibrant notch to your instagram feed!!
Location: Cakewalk, Appetite Area
Campus: SEH , Chandanpura

Looking for something to post on your insta stories? Why not an inspirational quote or something? A quote that will fascinate and inspire as well. Although not like Hogwarts but our university walls speaks as well not only to inspire but also to give you some sassy pictures for your instagram.
Location: Shri Gurudev Media Studios
Campus: SEH , Chandanpura


At our campus the world is your canvas and you create your own reality. This wall at block D allows you to get that pop you require to always show up your bright side.
Location: Block D
Campus: SEH , Chandanpura

If you are a great fan of Chinese culture then this can be the best place for you to click pictures. There’s this elegant entrance before you go down the training restaurant (Eattitiude) in our campus which can actually make you feel lost in its geometry.
Location: Restaurant, Block A
Campus: Mugaliyachaap

Circle of life viz a viz what comes around goes around. You always don’t need a perfect background for the perfect picture. Even the simplest background sometimes turns out to be the alluring.
Location: Block A
Campus: Mugaliyachaap

All good art is abstract. This spot in Mughaliyachap Restaurant Area in School of Hospitality and Tourism is a must have in your instagram feed to get your instagram game higher at a more elegant level.
Location: Block A
Campus: Mugaliyachap

You know what they say, 'the simpler the better.' This wall at campus is just perfect for your 2-D picture to have a 3-D jazz to it. Get yourself clicked in front of this faded bottle green wall with squared pop-ups and see the likes coming in. So strike a pose!
Location: Block A
Campus: SEH ,Chandanpura

It’s always breath taking to take a view from the hostel building as the pyramid block right in the centre of student enrichment hub never fails to bring that sparkle in your eye. If you are a hostler this picture is a must have in your instagram account for making all others envious of your living space.
Location: Hostel
Campus: SEH , Chandanpura

This red brick wall is no architectural wonder but striking a pose in front of this wall will give your instagram a mix of both rustic and pop-culture and if you want to make it more peppy how about a shiny bright jacket to go along.
Location: Block C
Campus:  SEH, Chandanpura

The Campus of JLU is an amazing place for whatever type of pics you want to take. If this is your style, get your eye in, and you’ll find many places like these on our campus. So brace your photography skills and pose like the world is your stage.

What are you waiting for? Go for it.