8 Fun Things To Do This Summers

During summers, we usually tend to stay at home and avoid going outside, play games or do certain activities, right? But don’t you think, one of the bigger benefits of summer is that each day we have more time and light to read. After a busy schedule, there's nothingwrong with sleeping late and watching TV or playing video games all day—at least for the first week or two of your summer vacation. If vegging out gets boring,it might be time to break out of your comfort zone.   
From taking on a project to discovering a new part of town, summer is the best time to have loads of fun, to prepare you for the next lap of the year and the world beyond the room. Summer break is important because in this duration we are able to do work without being in pressure of deadlines and, we can utilize this time for relieving our stress and also to enhance or learn new skills.
Some of the activities which we can perform to utilize our summer break to the fullest are:


1. Join an internship

Finding a job can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have experience. Unfortunately, you need to obtain a job before you can gain experience. Internships are a great way for college students, recent graduates or anyone considering a career change to obtain valuable work experience. An intern can work part time or full time at the company for a specified period of time. Here are a few suggestions of places to look for internships:

·         Internshala - https://internshala.com/

 2. Explore Nature and Travel

Taking out some time from regular busy schedule and building up space for a garden, spending time in parks, hanging around with friends or with children is really important too. It's not easy for individuals to work for hours and hours rigorously. Therefore, they should take out time to explore nature, to relieve stress and to spend time with the family members by going out with them to different beautiful places. Our personal recommendations for vacationing around are:
·         Shimla
·         Shillong
·         Kerala
·         Goa
·         Manali

Weekend getaways are always fun and quick. They are so in trend and viable. We can always plan a nice short trip to our favorite place.

You can also choose a nice weekend getaways at:
·         Ratapani Jungle Lodge
·         Clarks Resort
·         Crescent Resort
·         Tawa Dam Resort
·         Halali Dam Resort
·         Panchmari resort
·         Kahana villa resort

3. Cook Together

In today’s busy world, we usually do not spend much time with our family members or friends because we are stuck in our own busy schedules. Therefore, cooking together is one of the best ways to spend time with them and enjoy the moment.The feeling of satisfaction gained when seeing the end product naturally enhances happiness
One fun way to do it is, having ‘Cook-Over Parties’ with your friends and family where you cook together and enjoy your home cooked delicacies with some soft music and a lot of conversations.
4. Upgrade your skills

In this era, everybody needs to be upgraded and up to date. If you lack certain skills, then the probability of getting placed or selected gets reduced due to which you miss out on several big opportunities.
To upgrade your skills, you can:
·               Join online courses
·               Take vocational trainings
·               Join language classes
·               Join volunteering programs

5.  Explore Books

Books help an individual in many ways.  It provides us with awareness, acts as a stress buster, helps in mental stimulation, improves your focus and concentration and definitely is a plus for language enrichment.
·         Stephen King
·         Chitrangada Banerjee
·         Jane Austin
·         Agatha Christie

6. Be a Scientist:
Try DIYs (Do It Yourself), do innovative and creative things. You can do DIY’s such as:
·         DIY camera strap
·         DIY painted beach ball makeover
·         DIY summer dreams dream catcher
·         DIY t-shirt designing or painting

7. Me Time 

We sometimes minimize our need for “me” time by thinking about how we are denying attention to other things that are important to us, such as our family, our friends, or whatever else. We feel selfish taking the needed time out when there’s so much left to doTaking “me” time also builds your self-esteem over the period, as you come to realize that you are important and deserve to have a little time to yourself. Things you can do in ‘me time’ are:-

·         Read books
·         Do what makes you happy
·         Go alone on a trip
·         Cook for yourself
·         Meditate
·         Tell yourself ‘this is good for me’

8. Develop Healthy Habits

Most people feel better when they do regular exercise. A sedentary lifestyle is not only unhealthy, but it can make us feel sluggish and more fatigued in the short term with even worse long-term implications. Regular exercise builds strength, enhances coordination and improves overall health. Physical activity helps to relieve stress, reduces anxiety, and helps stave off depression.

College out, summers in, let the drama stop and the fun begin. Happy summers…!!!!