MoU signing between Jagran Lakecity University and Global Education Management Services, UK

Paving the road to success, JLU School of Hospitality and Tourism signed an MoU with Global Education Management Services (GEMS), UK. Striving excellence, this MoU shall provide students to get International favour of Hospitality Industry, cultural exchange and practical training along with student exchange and internship opportunities. Having placed 4 of our students for Industrial Training in France through GEMS, #SOHT marks this as a milestone achieved.

Key Highlights of this Memorandum of Understanding are as follows:

·      Cultural Exchange and Practical Training experiences for graduates and undergraduates
·      Development of curriculum
·      Exchange of academic information
·      Exchange of faculty members
·      Exchange of students and study programs
·      Internship programs for students
·      Joint research projects and any other area of mutual interest
·      Joint workshops
·      Refresher training for faculty members