JLU’s Research Cell hosts 3 Days Workshop on ‘Data Analysis in SPSS’

JLU’s Research Cell hosts 3 Days Workshop on ‘Data Analysis in SPSS’


Jagran Lakecity University’s Research Cell Bhopal organized a three days workshop on Statistical Methods and Data Analysis Using SPSS in Research. In the Inaugural Session, it was a matter of utmost pleasure for the University to have Prof. R.J Rao, Vice Chancellor of Barkatullah University. His interaction with the participants of the workshop, he laid emphasis on various statistical tools to be used while writing a thesis and the work should be unique as well as free of plagiarism. He even laid stress on making researchers help one another, be it in the same or different field.

SPSS is a windows based program, which can be used to perform data entry analysis. The workshop is designed to orient faculties and researchers in data analysis and programming from basic to advanced level which will equip them with data analysis skills. With the training of SPSS, participants will produce the best quality research identifying the right statistical tools and techniques for different research objectives and to carry out data analysis using SPSS.

Prof. (Dr.) Anoop Swarup, Hon’ble Vice- Chancellor of JLU interacted with the researcher and congratulated the JLU Research Cell for maintaining high standards of research. He shared his views on various PhD regimes in India and also mentioned the various challenges and opportunities in the field of research, and to help researchers conduct research in an accurate and meaningful way, statistical tools should be chosen very carefully. 

External Expert and Quantitative Analysts, Dr. Abhishek Sachan gave his valuable insights on SPSS and exercised the statistical methods with examples. Prof. (Dr.) Vinay Joshi Director of JLU Research cell interacted with the researchers and shared his views on the importance of SPSS and other Statistical Tools. He also shared that in this era of knowledge, good quality research will automatically open the new avenues for a research student.

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