Farm Loan Waiver- A Necessity or a Populist stunt: BIG FIGHT 2019

Debate is one of the most influential and unparalleled academic activities to allow creative leeway to the students to assert their verdicts on an issue, and also hone their analytical and elocution skills. More than a mere verbal skill, debate embodies the ideal of reasoned arguments, tolerance for divergent point of views and rigorous self-examination.

JLU School of Commerce and Economics organised an Inter-University/College Debate competition, titled "Big Fight" on the theme "Farm Loan Waiver: A Necessity or a Populist stunt" at Jagran Lakecity University on 28th February 2019.

The competition was adjudged by Mr Sanjeev Sharma, IT consultant, Banker and Mr Rajeev Agrawal, Industrialist, Motivational speaker. The valedictory session was graced by the guest of honour, Mr Amit Kumar Jain, CS, Chairman, Western Indian Regional Council (WIRC), ICSI. Various opponents from distinguished universities and colleges spoke in rounds to present their views for, or against the motion respectively.

Ms. Mimansha Rawat (for the motion), IEHE Bhopal and Mr. Charan Parihar (Against the motion), MANIT, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh won the 1st position. Mr Vishal Chaurasiya, MANIT (For the Motion) and Mr. Naman Adwani, IEHE (Against the motion) secured the 1st Runner Up position whereas Ms. Deborah Sam, The Bhopal School Of Social Sciences - BSSS and Ms. Aastha (Against the Motion), Makhanlal ChaturvediUniversity secured the 2nd Runner Up position.