India’s Premier National Television Channel, Mirror Now chose Jagran Lakecity University to host a Mirror Now special 'Talk Show'

India’s premier national television channel, Mirror Now, chose Jagran Lakecity University to host a Mirror Now special 'Talk Show', deliberating and discussing on My First Vote at Jagran Lakecity University on 6th February 2019.


Mirror Now visited the campus to record a show with JLU students, particularly 18-year-olds/first-time voters. This is part of Mirror Now's Election Series called #MyFirstVote where the channel is attempting to gauge the mood of the youth and first-time voters Pan India. No more assumptions. Watch the full episode and know for sure, what the #YOUTH of #INDIA actually wants!

Sanjana Chawhan, News Editor, Anchor, Mirror Now along with her crew travelled from Mumbai to conduct this enlightening conversation, stretching the horizons over the need of the hour voting and critically deliberating on more opportunities, mental health awareness and gender rights. Students from the various schools of Jagran Lakecity University came together and made this talk show an insightful success. 

An in-depth deliberation was held on themes ranging from politics to unemployment. Varying from road safety to women empowerment. And the most talked of, #PayParity was discussed where a fact from a report was surfaced which said, "Women in India earn 20 per cent less than men, indicating that gender plays an important parameter while determining salaries in India"

The show airs nationally on 2nd March 2019, until then stay tuned!