JLU Knowledge Series: "Leadership and Life Lessons from the Corporate and Sports World" by Mr. Samar Singh Sheikhawat, Former Chief Marketing Officer, United Breweries Ltd.

The inaugural lecture of JLU Knowledge Series turned out to be a tremendous breakthrough, where Mr. Samar Singh Sheikhwat, an industry veteran and Former Chief Marketing Officer, United Breweries Ltd. spoke on "Leadership and Life Lessons from the Corporate and Sports Worlds" at Jagran Lakecity University on 12th February 2019.

Check out the full episode and get inspired! 

As a business management leader Mr. Sheikhawat has extensive experience of running both steady state and start-up businesses and brands. He has multi-cultural experience across Indian, American, British and Dutch companies. At the same time he also has multi-industry, multi-location experience all over India and has worked on several projects across the USA, UK, Netherlands, Middle East, South East Asia and Nepal.

The content delivered, brimmed with rich themes & experiences learnt over time. From creating a legacy to the truth of advertising and ‘WOKE’ brands, mythology to the generation gap, Mr. Sheikhawat touched points on various aspects of leadership and life skills. While citing examples from the sports and corporate worlds, he spoke about the ongoing shift in perspective of people seeking practicality than peace. 

Mr. Sheikhawat further emphasized on political and religious intolerance situation prevalent in the society in the disguise of technology which is creating indifference between communities and countries. He pointed out the importance of using common sense to differentiate between the Actual and Fake news.

Every Highlight of this event made the audience applaud with zeal whilst nodding to the viewpoint worth thinking over. Mr. Sheikhawat encouraged the audience to be courageous, keep working hard and remain persistence to achieve their goals. Following the lecture, a short interview was conducted from our budding aspirant. Check out the link below and watch the full interview. Looking forward to the next episode of JLU Knowledge Series, the expectations have surely set a benchmark.