Welcome Back to the Start of a New Year & New Semester : 2019!

Welcome back to the start of a New Year and a New Semester! We hope each of you enjoyed your holidays, semester break and the opportunity to be with your family and friends. This semester promises to be a productive and exciting one as well as we strive to make further headway in realizing our vision as a “global university.”

To kick start this semester, JLU Student Service Cell and Student Engagement organized an exciting event on 11th Jan'19 at JLU Mugaliyachhap Campus and on 15th Jan at JLU SEH Campus. This event was conducted to amp up the energy at the campus where students got to rejoice with their batchmates and faculty, participate in the Kite festival while trying their luck in several games and winning giveaways!

For some of you, this is a start of a new stretch of marathon called career, while for some it may be an effort to dive back into university mode after the delightful, cosy winter holidays. 

No matter which bucket you feel you are in at the moment, it is imperative at the inception of the semester to get a bit organised, make a layout & pathway, plot the extracurricular touch points, so that it may your studies, so that it may serve with your social and academic life. We are glad to have you back as you continue your journey to the graduation and post graduation stage.

For all our returning students, we encourage you to make the most of your time here. Your university experience will be what you make it, and your opportunities will only be limited to the limits you lay on yourself. As you start a new year and a new semester, take advantage of many services available to help you achieve your full potential.

Another significant thing to remember at university is to get involved, participate and take advantage of every opportunity initiated at your school level and university level. We have framed the JLU Advancement Office anew, especially our two main departments; Student Services and Student Engagement.

Time management is no new concept, but a vital part of winning at university, and not only that but life in general. It doesn’t always have to be a terrifying task we make it seem to be, you can begin small, get a journal and cite when all your assessments are due, and block out deliberate time to work on that task. Unfortunately, assignments don’t write themselves. Remember that time is the currency of life, so spend it wisely!

Being a university student should also be a social experience. You can meet new people and form friendships with individuals who have similar interests to you. Don’t be afraid to get involved! Become part of the university community, and we guarantee it will make your whole university experience that much more enjoyable!

This directs us to our final piece of guidance: be conscious of yourself. Self-care is important. Know your limits, and make sure that you take care of yourself. If you start to struggle with this at any point, we have numerous services available to assist you. That is what they are here for so don’t feel bad for accessing them, it is understood everyone needs assistance from time to time and we are more than willing to assist you.