SAP University Summit Goa 2018: It's time to evolve and compete globally!

The world is changing enormously especially in digital and education still has a big step to jump. We need to rethink the workspaces, the classrooms. Foster collaboration, interaction, exchange of ideas, work autonomously initiative, has access to personalized courses. These tools are used to promote creativity, through increasingly ultra-portable products. With all these means, education is undoubtedly the most important thing in this world. It is also one of the sectors that need innovation the most.

With this vision, Mr Dileep Kumar Singh, Assistant Professor, JLU School of Engineering & Technology, participated in the SAP University Summit 2018, held on 27th to 29th November-2018at Taj Fort Aguada, Goa organized by SAP India Pvt limited. The event focused on the digital transformation in the education space with the collaboration of the SAP, Wipro and the Times professional learning.

The event supported the concept of “imagining a workforce with unstoppable momentum”, meaning the best of human creativity and flexibility, in partnership with the power and depth of digital workforce technology. SAP’s global products and solutions, enable and help many universities to execute and deliver their mission successfully.

Mr Dileep had a positive conversation with Mehroon Manalody Chairman and Managing Director of G-Tech on latest trends and new job opportunities along with challenges on adoption of SAP framework on new business processes and startups. He had also got chance to interact with G. Chandra Mouleeswaran, Head – Strategic Learning Services, SAP Education, along with Mr.Rohit Bhalla working as a Sales Director of SAP India Pvt. Ltd. and with Mr Aaditya Razdan positioned as National sales Head SAP.