Garba fest 2018: Palette of Sketches, Strength & Sway of Goddess Durga.

Garba fest 2018: Palette of Sketches, Strength & Sway of Goddess Durga.


, an exquisite celebration which surfaces the palette of sketches, strength and sway of Goddess Durga. This picturesque fiesta is an engaging olio of affection, art, culture, folklore and a memoir of events that makes it significant as well as dynamic in all slants.

This sacred carnival of Navratri was caroused with exceptional passion at the Jagran Lakecity University on 13th Oct 2018. The fiesta sprang with the pious ritual known as “Aarti of Maa Durga” which serves as a nexus between men and the cosmic consciousness.

The venue was adorned with the breathtaking decor, lights and garlands bringing the arresting view into the frame. Following the ritual, the dance floor was then swayed with one too many captivating performances by our faculties/staff in the inner garba circle and students in the outer pattern. The mob applauded and moved to the trending beats of this season, laughing blissfully, flaunting their vibrant colourful attires to their matching jewellery.

The event was a monumental triumph due to the extraordinary involvement of students and faculty members in preliminary preparations and event coordination. Not just the participation but the students had prepped up their own food stalls which only added to the exotic taste of the feast.

The event then culminated with the luminous fireworks show which left everyone spellbound, conferring them a memory to cherish for long.

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