JLU Education Conclave 2018 : Professionalism in Education.

JLU Education Conclave 2018 : Professionalism in Education.


JLU School of Education, Jagran Lakecity University is on a mission to evolve ‘School Teaching’ as a promising career. Collaboration of Schools (workplace) and Teacher Education Institution (JLU) is indispensable for achieving this goal. 

Striving to achieve this vision, JLU School of Education organized JLU Education Conclave 2018: Professionalism in Education on 13th October 2018. This is the first Conclave of its kind in Bhopal where leaders in top decision making positions in academic institutions and aspiring leaders in education collected to discuss concerns and barriers inside the ‘Enterprise called School’.

In the inaugural session, Dr. Yasmin Ghani Khan, Director, JLU School of Education presented the objectives through a video which challenge the education systems across the world including ours. The Chief Guest Mrs. Jaishree Kiyawat, I.A.S., Commissioner, Public Instruction, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh set the agenda by sharing her experiences with the Rashtriya Madhyamic Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA). She spoke about the role of School teachers in nation building with reference to eminent educationist including Gandhi.

The pre-lunch session was an open forum to identify concerns and sort issues in the work area. Gaps in teacher education and school job needs were collaborated for inclusion in the teacher-education. Recommendations for instigating a mind-set change in parents and society as a whole, about teaching as a career, were discussed. Mrs. Hina Raut, Asst. Director, Shri Bhavan’s Bharati Public School, explained how teachers make a difference in student’s life by their personal effort by citing some example. Prof. N.K. Kaushik, compared the education system in India with that he observed in USA. Jaya Sharma of DPS, Kolar Road discussed how parents need to be counseled and Mala Sharma, DPS, Kolar Road discussed why children don’t find schools interesting.

In the post-lunch session Prof. Siddharth Bhatacharjee, Ex-President, Dale Carnegie, India conducted a session on Leadership of Change’. His presentation highlighted the skills which will make human resource employable in future. Mrs. Deepa Achayat, Asst Prof., Center of Professional Skills, Jagran Lakecity University conducted activities to distinguish Leadership from Management.

In the valedictory session, Prof. Nityanand Pradhan, Principal, RIE, NCERT highlighted the importance of internship in teacher education programmes like B.Ed. He also elaborated on the NCFTE 2009 elaborating on professional competencies expected in teachers.

Delegates expressed that the event was not just a talk show or research paper reading but a completely new approach to understand and challenge barriers in the path of accepting education as an enterprise. The feedbacks from delegates reflect a positive effort for an effective mind-set change in near future.

The event ended with the invitation to the National Education Day event to ponder on Juvenile Delinquency: Issues & Concerns for early identification and intervention.
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