JLU - Melting Pot of Various Cultures

Jagran Lakecity University understands that you've travelled far from home, culture and your comfort zone. Hence, it ensures to provide you support by providing an amicable environment to learn and thrive.

Like a moth to a flame, JLU has attracted many students from foreign lands. Counting on to former students’ enrollment from different countries, many new students are joining from countries like Namibia, Germany, Nepal and Bhutan. Programmes like Applied Economics, Computer Science, LLM (Cyber Law & Cyber Security) etc happened to be in a hype this year. As we have outrun the rate of admission of international students to the foregoing year; we are positive regarding more numbers adding to it in the coming years.

Talking about preference for JLU, a fresh student from Namibia, Godfrey Haixuna says, “
My friends who were already studying in Bhopal in a different University suggested me to join JLU. I got a wonderful feedback from them and I decided to apply here for MA Applied Economics. I was very happy when I got my selection letter. I got a warm welcome when I came to the University. People here (JLU) are very helpful and friendly. The infrastructure here is absolutely stunning.” An affirmation, undoubtedly because of the cultural diversity at the university. Among coherence are the views of Anthony Thomas Plath from Germany, Kedar Ghimere of Nepal and countless others.

JLU strive to preserve its vast cultural diversity. It is no rocket science that as much as students learn in their classrooms, they equally learn via interplays and communications outside it, and this diversity encourages them to quaff how to sort similar intricacies through different perspectives. Furthermore, the rise has been noted vied to former years, the interest amongst the foreign students to explore educational opportunities in India has increased immensely.

Albeit, what held different this year is JLU’s outreach in more states and countries, along with stepped-up endeavours to reach students. There's an increase in the number of inquiries from abroad for undergraduate/post-graduate degree programmes at JLU since its commencement. This accomplishment has signified a major step towards fulfilling the university's goal of providing education as per international standards. JLU also encourages the international students by coordinating events in which they showcase and share their cultures and way of living with the Indian students. These events help to support and assimilate the cultural heritage of various countries to always uphold and celebrate ‘unity in diversity’.