Industry Stalwarts Descend at Jagran Lakecity University

  • Justice D.M. Dharmadhikari, former Judge, Supreme Court of India and former Chairman, Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission.

JLU School of Law welcomed the batch of 2018 to Jagran Lakecity University in an Orientation Programme. It was an exaltation to have Honourable Mr Justice D.M. Dharmadhikari, former Judge, Supreme Court of India and former Chairman, Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission, reverenced as the Chief Guest. In his discourse, he laid emphasis on the need for good lawyers in a modern democratic society like India. He urged students to enter the domain of legal and social research for giving a constructive output of their education to the nation. 

His words of reason and purpose enlighten the students to stand against errors, encouraging them to pave their way through prejudices with resolution.

  • Chef Vivek Saggar, Head – Business Development, THSC

The JLU School of Hospitality & Tourism welcomed its first batch with an Orientation Program on 27th July 2018. It was a matter of immense pleasure and pride for the University to have Chef Vivek Saggar, Head – Business Development, THSC venerated as the chief guest for the event. His passion for creativity in the culinary space has guided him to be committed to food education, nutrition guidance and culinary refinements for over two decades. Chef Vivek, who hails from Delhi, studied hotel management from Institute of hotel management, Ahmadabad and worked in NCR for ten years in various hotels and restaurants as a Trainee before moving up the culinary ladder to start Food Art. In his speech, he bequeathed the difference between a good chef and a great chef, stressing over being passionate about your area of interest and just the right amount of culinary practice, of course.

Networking & procuring such fruitful insights from a noted food connoisseur charged the students with great fervour to begin their journey with.

  • Mr Kamal K.M, Noted Filmmaker

The Kerala-based independent filmmaker/Writer, Mr Kamal K.M, was honoured as a guest speaker at Jagran Lakecity University on August 3rd'18 for the induction held for the new batch School of Journalism and Communication. Widely known for his work at the Deauville Asian Film Festival for his Hindi/English gritty thriller I D, he spoke about how the world could become a better place, only if one would introspect and surface stories that are genuine and has the element of surprise. Followed by a peek into in his own life and struggles, from growing up in Kerala to working in a news agency, changing lanes to generating interest in independent cinema, thus developing his own scripts and successfully producing a non-budget film, it was solely his passion for filmmaking which fuelled his drive to create. 

The interplay turned out to be a great success as the students listened with great zeal and enthusiasm, learning the significance of quality cinema, and how it acts as a double-edged sword from the valuable insights of the speaker.

  • Mr. Advait Kurlekar, CEO & Founder - Upohan Consulting

Jagran Lakecity Business School welcomed its fresh batch with an Orientation Program on 06th August 2018. It was a homage for the University to have Mr. Advait Kurlekar, CEO & Founder, Upohan Consulting, Ex. Executive Director of Cedar Consulting, IIT B and SP Jain Alumni, revered as the Chief Guest. In his speech, he conversed about the misconceptions regarding start-ups and busting certain myths concerning a business plan. How it isn't just stressing just on about the financial plan, but including founders, team profile, the uniqueness of your product or service and market attractiveness. Understanding the flow of cash, and your target audience is vital in any business and so should be your business strategy. He pressed on having a worthy SWOT analysis, which could literally save many from the hit and trials.

Such valuable insights made the students nod in curiosity, elevating their interest and readying them to create their own success story.

  • Mr. Sameer Dad, Olympian, Senior Assistant General Manager, AIR, Bhopal

The JLU School of Sports Science and Physical Education welcomed its first batch with an Orientation Program on 6th August 2018. It was an honour for the University to have Mr Sameer Dad, an Olympian and Senior Assistant General Manager, AIR, Bhopal, venerated as the Chief Guest. Sameer is a field hockey forward from Bhopal, who made his international senior debut for the Men's National Team in January 1998 during the test series against Germany. Dad represented his India at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia, where India finished in seventh place and scored two goals in the tournament. In his speech, he approached the students and prompted them to utilize the fantastic amenities at Jagran Lakecity University to the absolute and pursue their interests with resilience. 

It was his words of wisdom and courage, which left the students with confidence and spirit to take on the world in all its glory.