Appetite Gets Spiced Up!

Following the Chancellor's address, the faculty and the staff showed up for the inauguration of the renovated 'Appetite: the university's cafeteria & mess' on August 4th 2018, where Shri Hari Mohan Gupta, Chancellor JLU, Shri Abhishek Mohan Gupta, Pro-Chancellor JLU, Prof. Dr Anoop Swarup, Vice Chancellor JLU honoured us with their presence for the occasion.
The cafeteria remained closed for a while in order for the work crews to equip the dining hall with new furniture, and a modern layout, among other upgrades. JLU felt that it was critical to provide a friendly space for students, with top-notch food quality and a hygienic environment where they can socialize while they eat. 
The Appetite's renewal deems for only half the excitement. The icing on the cake for cafeteria goers is JLU’s new contract with several food joints to provide a fresh menu for the cafeteria and the mess as well as catering for luncheons and special events. 
A sunny, bright day during the first week in August was the perfect backdrop for the inaugural run, where cold beverages and warm foods left a mouth-watering experience for the people gathered. The response from the Lakecity community towards the cafeteria and mess has been positive. The upgrade has not only spiced up the menu but brought a whole new dining character to space. And with such triumph, JLU look forward to serving better.