Annual Chancellor's Address 2018

The Annual Chancellor’s address was held at Jagran Lakecity University on 04th August 2018. The Chancellor, Shri. Hari Mohan Gupta hosted lunch for all the JLU faculty & staff members at the newly opened hostel mess and later delivered the address. Shri. Gupta congratulated the entire staff on successful completion of 5 years of the University. He recounted the accolades bestowed upon the University in the last 5 years and credited the faculty and staff members for the stupendous triumph.

Taking cue from GPS (Global Positioning System) wherein a device helps people to navigate their way to the destination, Shri. Gupta addressed the faculty members as Guru Positioning System (GPS) as it is them who help the students navigate their way to success in academics and beyond. He further mentioned that the role of the faculty members is of paramount importance in the life of the students.

Moving forward, Shri. Gupta encouraged the entire staff to keep working hard and upgrading their skills to remain competent. He said, “You are your biggest competitor. You have to beat your current self to become a better version of yourself. The reason children are more creative than adults is because they do not know what is not possible for them to achieve. Turn your Cant’s into CAN and your Dreams into Plan.” The Chancellor later revealed that he is in the process of authoring a book which should be out by October or November this year. This book is about the things that managers should know in order to succeed in workplace and life. Those tips are not only beneficial in the office but in life in general.

Shri. Gupta praised the efforts of the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. (Dr.) Anoop Swarup and read a few excerpts from one the poems written by the VC in his recently published book. He wished all the staff a good future ahead and urged them to keep pushing the limits.