The Launchpad: Internship opportunities for students at Jagran Lakecity University

Though classroom forms an imperative part of a student’s life when it comes to education, the real hands on experience is what makes an efficient employee at work. Internships often go underappreciated at various Universities where the main focus is on classroom learning. Though the knowledge gained at college is of essence, it forms only the theoretical knowledge base of a student. Internships are basically an introduction for the student in the professional sector. They equip the student with the initial experience required as a launch pad in the competitive world out there. Without them, a new job will feel like an in-cope-able change bound to affect their efficiency.

Now that the importance of an internship has been sorted, let’s understand the importance of the ‘where’ quotient. Having the opportunity of being introduced to major brands and the chance to work with them is what Jagran Lakecity University is synonymous with. Here we give utmost importance to the quality of internships that we provide our students with. Our team works tirelessly towards making sure that ‘the best’ is brought ‘within reach’ for the enrichment of our students.

Here is a look at our top collaborations.