Sandwich : A film by the students of Jagran School of Journalism and Communication

Out of all the professions out there, if you ask about the most influential profession ‘An Actor’ would be the clear answer. Films today make a considerable part of our lives and are hugely influential for their audiences. They are made in different categories ranging from Action, Comedy, Rom-Com, Biopic etc. with the main agenda of providing the viewer with thorough entertainment. Creating awareness these days has also become a popular norm with the movies. Many actors are leaving the main stream entertainment big budget movies to address a deeper cause with their lower budget movies that address a social cause.

However, contrary to the popular opinion, film-making is not a one man show, it requires an army of professionals working round the clock to present before us those 1.5-3 hours of a visual. There are many professional courses available in film-making that equip the enthusiasts with the right blend of knowledge and skill to present their ideas on the screen. This endeavor that usually takes years to accomplish by learned individuals has been done by the students of Jagran School of Journalism and Communication in a couple months. The BFA 2nd year students of JSJC have hit the list with their short film “Sandwich” that has been selected as an award winner at the 10th edition of Timeline Film Festival Carate Brianza, Italy, 10 May to 12 May 2018. The director of the film along with the team has been invited to attend the Festival, which is held in Carate Brianza (Istituto di Istruzione Superiore L. da Vinci).

Along with that, the film has also been selected for the Niederrhein Film Festival 2018. The Niederrhein Film Festival is a film festival held in the beautiful city of Wesel in Germany. The competition features short films from any genres (like feature film, documentary, animated film, experimental film and children's film). The sponsor and organizer of the festival is the non-profit association Kulturkultur am Niederrhein eV The purpose is to promote and circulate short films and to generate contacts between audience, young directors and professionals, giving special attention to dutch short films.