Women’s Rights are Human Rights: International Human Rights Day celebrated at Jagran Lakecity University

The debate over equality and the rights at the disposal of every human being just by the virtue of being one has been going for far too long. There have been endless discussions over women rights and that women need to be treated equally to men. Just for this one time, let us skip the bigger picture and get into the details of what these rights comprise.

The term feminism has often been made similar to man-hating and therefore the people actually responsible for gender inequality hide behind the terminology. Feminism by definition means “the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.” Every person out there who misinterprets feminism for its exceptional favour to the female gender needs to understand that it actually means for a woman to be treated ‘equal to a man’ and not ‘like a man.’ Equality does not mean assuming the physical strength of a woman equal to that of a man but the right to earning equal wages to that of a man and having an opinion equally important as that of a male member of the team.

On the occasion of International Human Rights Day, the Jagran Lakecity University organized a one day workshop on ‘Women’s Rights are Human Rights.’ The workshop was conducted by Madhya Pradesh State Human Rights Commission in collaboration with Jagran School of Journalism and Communication. The Chief Guest for the event was Smt. Archana Chitnis, Minister for Women and Child Development. The workshop was attended by various dignitaries including Justice J.P. Gupta, Madhya Pradesh High Court, Jabalpur and Vice Chancellor Jagran Lakecity University, Prof. (Dr.) Anoop Swarup.

This workshop has been organized by the Madhya Pradesh State Human Rights Commission at various universities in M.P. an integral part of which is the elocution competition. Many students took part in the competition at JLU Bhopal and shared their views and ideas about the women’s rights and human rights in general. Amongst all participants across all colleges and universities, Sumaira Yasin, a student of Journalism and Mass Communication at JLU School of Media & Communication was adjudged the winner and received the certificate from the Chief Guest, Special Guest and the Vice Chancellor of JLU.​