Reminiscence: Jagran Lakecity University’s Alumni Meet 2017

It is true that the best moments of one’s life are those that miss out of the camera lens. A college more than being a place of education is a bag of memories, unaccounted and raw. It was a walk down the memory lane, just that the lane was a different one. The same bunch of college friends, just the spirit was a little different. For giving such a dose of nostalgia, college wasn’t such a bad place after all.

The second alumni meet of JagranLakecity University was a bitter-sweet affair where the alumni of JLU Bhopal enthusiastically took part in an evening of reliving old days. 16th December 2017 saw Sayaji hotel, Bhopal flocked with the alumni of JLU Bhopal in the spirit of remembrance.

The students were welcomed by Dr. Vivek Khare, Dean Academics, JLU Bhopal with an opening remark. He was delighted to announce the formation of the JLU Alumni Association. The association shall be looked after by the JLU management for the initial two years, post which, the key members will be elected through poll. The students were ecstatic on being a part of an evening that most closely resembled their college days only in a more fun filled environment.

The evening started with cool games played amongst the students before dinner. The most liked prop on the venue was a special wall that became a favorite selfie point for the students. The bonding of old friends over food and music was a heartwarming sight. Also, the teachers were overjoyed on meeting their old students. It was definitely an evening to remember seeing old pals reunite and listening to old tales re-narrated.