The LOGISTICS of my success story: Shranay Khattar, Bachelor of Management Studies batch of 2017, Jagran Lakecity University

While pursuing a degree of Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) at Jagran Lakecity University, I undertook an internship at a contract manufacturing plant of Proctor & Gamble. This was a golden opportunity for me to take an experience into the practical world. Once I started the internship, I was first given an overview of the entire process of their work and then was asked to pick up a department of my choice to work under.

Since I always had a keen interest in the field of logistics, I choose the Logistics and Inventory department. This gave me a chance to learn the inside acts of the trade. I started gaining the first-hand experience on how logistics has to be managed at a plant that handled an average of around 75 loading and unloading activities in a single day. It was not just the loading and unloading that I was made to study but there were several other parts of logistics like handling the inventory, bin card entries and the role of logistics in the production process which were a part of my training. I was made aware of the terms like WIP, DFC, P Codes etc.

While working there I was asked to make a research project by the representatives of Proctor and Gamble and thereafter I started closely monitoring and studying the pattern of their trucks, the processes of their receiving and the processes related to their dispatches. After observing the above mentioned areas for a specific time, I found out that there could be few changes that I could bring about in their loading and unloading department which in turn could lead to saving costs for them.

I then made a Cost Saving Project and presented to their team of logistics. In this Cost Saving Project, I increased the time their trucks took for the complete process of loading and unloading and reduced the number of trucks that were hired by them. I then increased the rounds per vehicle per day. This reduced the hiring cost of trucks for them and gave each truck a better turnaround time for the entire process. There were also certain conditions that I recommended for all three parties involved in this process which included ones for the WIP team at Proctor and Gamble, the Transporter and also the Logistics team at the Contract Manufacturing Site. After the final calculations of cost saving, my model was able to cut down costs by 33.33% for them.

This Cost Saving Project was appreciated by the authorities at Proctor and Gamble. In my study at Jagran Lakecity University, we were given a lot of case studies and were asked to identify and give solutions to the problems of the case. This way of teaching made me study situations from a rational point of view, identify problems, and then find solutions for the same. This came to be of great help to me when I started my internship at the contract manufacturing plant. I owe a sincere gratitude to my faculties at JLU Bhopal for the enriching and deep learning that they endowed upon me.