From newbies to rubies, it all started here: Fresher's Welcome 2017 at Jagran Lakecity University

Maybe it wasn’t so much about making new friends as it was about leaving the old ones behind.
Maybe it wasn’t so much about fun as it was about breaking the habit.
Maybe it wasn’t so much about fashion as it was about saying goodbye to the old uniform.
Maybe it wasn’t so much about growing old as it was about growing up.
Because maybe, just maybe it wasn’t about events all along, but a beautiful confusion called ‘Life’!

Entering college after leaving school, the one place that witnessed the transformation of a toddler to a young adult is a feeling that most people would define heart-rending. Travelling from a place that felt home to an alien environment is what the beginning of college feels like when suddenly things that went ignored start making a huge difference. The price of the canteen beverage that used to be negligible now becomes a luxury. The special dress for a special occasion that was once economic now becomes expensive. When the comforts of a home are compromised for the independence of a hostel, such is college life. 

We at Jagran Lakecity University understand the massive change that a student goes through when entering a completely new territory in life. As a ritual, we welcome our students with a Fresher’s Welcome, where an interactive session is conducted between the existing and new students along with fun activities to make the transformation easy for them.

The fresher’s Welcome at various Schools of Jagran Lakecity University was an exciting affair that left our new students with a bitter-sweet sense of stepping into something new while leaving something behind.