Success changes the chemistry of the brain: Intra University Indoor Games 2017 at Jagran Lakecity University

Running alone in a marathon is no fun; it is a competition that takes us farther than practice ever will. In the spirit of competition, Intra University Indoor Games were organized at Jagran Lakecity University. The Houses - Lakecity Lions, Lakecity Sharks, and Lakecity Hawks competed against each other for the prestigious House Trophy in a three-day event.

Inter-House Chess Competition - Men
Sagar Chaudhary (Hawks) – Gold
Akshat Nehra (Sharks) – Silver
Sachin Pandey (Hawks) – Bronze

Inter-House Chess Competition - Women
Nisha Khan (Sharks) – Gold
Vithika Chaudhary (Hawks) – Silver
Shambhavi (Lions) – Bronze

Inter-House TableTennis Competition - Men
Vivek Endela (Lions) – Gold
Parth Singh (Hawks) – Silver
Abhinandan Shukla (Sharks) –Bronze

Inter-House TableTennis Competition - Women
Chetna Dagar (Lions) – Gold
Nisha Khan (Sharks) – Silver
Muskan Wadhwani (Hawks) – Bronze

Inter-House Carrom Competition - Men
Rajat Patwari (Lions) – Gold
Shayamal Patro (Hawks) – Silver
Vijay Kumar (Sharks) – Bronze

The 'House Trophy' was bagged by Lakecity Lions