New Initiatives at Jagran Lakecity University: The Student Services Cell

New Initiatives at Jagran Lakecity University: The Student Services Cell

“In a world so big, getting lost seems like the easiest thing to do.” The saying holds true especially to a student entering a maze like complex structure of a university. Where even the ordinary tasks like tuition fee deposition, membership renewal, internship applications and numerous other seem unmanageable. The distress isn’t just limited to the formal commissions but also psychological. A student may suffer from stress and anxiety of being in a new environment. Also, the grievances at times get the better of them.

Most of the universities do nothing in order to address this flaw. However, the Student Services Cell at Jagran Lakecity University has been established with the sole purpose of smoothing out University life for a student. The Student Services Cell, unlike any other department, recruits alumni for they have a better understanding of the problems faced by the students on campus. The department aims at being a one-stop solution to student’s queries and any information that they might need. From general information to guidance, scholarships to skill development equality and sustainability, from internships to facilitation, our student advisers act like an interface between the students and the management.

This department, headed by Ms. Aditi Takiar, apart from ensuring constant communication between the University and students, also regulates the functionality of various clubs intended for a comprehensive growth of the student. The students may seek appointments with Ms. Radhika Saran and Ms. Harshita Ajneriya (Executive, Student Services) for regular counseling and can contact Ms. Aditi Takiar on urgent matters.

Contact No. – 0755-6611100, 6611108

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