The Annual Chancellor’s Address

The Annual Chancellor’s address was organized at Jagran Lakecity University on 06th August, 2019. At the event, Chancellor, Shree Hari Mohan Gupta addressed the newly joined staff and faculty members as well as congratulated the existing members for their effervescent participation in building the rich legacy of the institution. The Chancellor accentuated the importance of ‘teachers’ who are the torch bearers and plays the most vital role in the galaxy of education system.  JLU believes in not only maintaining right balance of pedagogy and leaning but also developing leaders who make a difference to the world with their credibility of knowledge and through endeavor for social elevation.
Moving forward, Shri Hari Mohan Gupta, Chancellor and Chairman at JLU and JSWS respectively said ‘At JLU the philosophy for its staff members is simple. It is community over the individuals and team over the staffs. We believe in team work’. He also read few excerpt from Sanskrit shlokas highlighting the benefits and strength of working as a team. During this event, the existing faculties and staff members shared their experience so far at Jagran Lakecity University and encouraged the newly joined members to come forward and join them to achieve the goals together.  

The deans and directors introduced the new faculties and staffs of their respective schools by calling them upon the dies and gave them opportunity to interact with the chancellor himself. The Chancellor also particularized the achievements accorded to the university since its establishment.

‘We have attained this top most position being awarded by chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, University of the year 18-19 consecutively fourth time in a row. We are the only University to be awarded as Global league institute for 2018-19 in UK continuously for second year’. He wished all the staffs to achieve the goals of the university and keep the credo ‘Igniting mind changing lives’ lighted by their efforts. 

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